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Historical Windows and Doors from Bulawayo

By July 4, 2019No Comments

Our blog this week is focusing on a series of photographs pictures which we recently took of doors and windows in some historic buildings in the old part of Bulawayo .

Some of these doors are actually over a hundred years old and all are nearly that age .

We are inspired by the wonderful workmanship and design of these fabulous doors and windows .

A fine front door is a special part of every home . It is what draws the eye immediately . A great way to introduce beauty and originality, allowing one to express one’s character in a time honoured fashion .

Above all else it can be a fine masterpiece that shouts out to the owner –  “ This is your home ! ”.

We at Teakland are ready to make replica or similarly inspired doors and windows for your home .

We can use Teak , Mukwa , Cypress and Pine ( painted and natural) in this process .

Very often customers just choose to replace the front door and sidelight with one of these pleasing combinations .


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