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Hello Zimbabwe . It has been several months since we last posted a blog and we apologies for that . There is no good excuse – but we have been very busy .

The building and home improvement  market has been positive all year . The cement manufacturers , brick makers , roofing businesses ,  bathroom and kitchen  manufacturers  , hardware shops and  the window and door people have had a good year .

Zimbabweans love their homes .

We have just  felt the sadness of the fuel queues again but are not letting that get to us . We hope and believe it is temporary and are planning accordingly .  There has been so much progressive ,  positive news flowing through  recently and we are focusing on that . Reports are that our economy has  grown  by 5% plus this year and possibly double that next year !  We have much to look forward to ! J

Other good news  is that with the re introduction of F CA accounts we expect to resume exporting again soon at competitive prices . Historically we have had exports to neighboring counties as an important component of our mix . ( The strong US Dollar eradicated much of that . )   ( We have just completed a quote for a  safari camps in the Okavango Delta  –   holding thumbs !)

The future is bright .  Go Zimbabwe !

There has also been a lot of talk about price increases all around . We continue to hold our prices down in any way we can . In fact we are introducing a extra discount for the Christmas season of up to 10% on most of the types of products . ( November , December and January ) Call or write in and check and get your quotes

On this blog we have included several  pictures of our employees  in the factory with some  interesting  “ People Facts “ . Our wonderful  long serving  employees  are fine craftsman  , absolutely dedicated to serving the customers .

Altogether 30 employees  :

Total service time altogether  :   612 years

Service Time :                                 9            people over 30 years

6            between 20 and 30 years

8            between 15 and 20 years

4             between 10 and 15 years

2             1 year each

1            lad started today J

We are  focused on getting beautiful  tailor made windows and doors delivered  to customers timeously  , accurately and affordably .  Teak  is the premier timber in the world for great windows and doors and our Cypress , Pine and Mukwa options are great too .

And remember –  all our timber is sustainably harvested from  healthy forests

Check out the gallery to see the wonderful products we have made over many years .

Have a great October.

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