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It is hard to believe that Easter is already upon us. We are grateful to have had a good start to the year in spite of normal challenges.

The good news has been solid orders, good deliveries and happy customers. The bad news was challenges of wood supply as the good late rains in Matabeleland North hindered normal timber harvesting. ( Sustainably harvested ).

But we so love and need our rain, that we are not complaining.

We have been pushing on with our social media effortsm and now have Instagram as well. We noticed that some of our rivals immediately started pinching our photographs and using them in their social media. LOL. Imitation is a great form of flattery.  Good luck to them . J

Our Boss even has his own Facebook now but seems he is a slow learner.

This week we recognise two special features of our lives :

Firstly, our internet provider of many years – Netconnect . Netconnect started around 1999 with one person, their Boss, Steve Jones. Today they have 15 employees and are well established as a reliable and progressive high tech supplier. They keep us in contact with the world with a solid service.

We have an old fashioned business ( carpentery ) and they are at the other end of the hi tech scale. It makes for a great Matabeleland team.

Thanks Steve and Co. Good luck going forward.

The employee being profiled today is our very own Sibangeni Sibanda. For some reason her nickname is Betty but she is most often referred to respectfully as Madawu, which is her Ndebele Totem.  She joined us in 1996 as a carpenter, our first lady artisan.  She is a highly competent journeyman ( journeywoman).  After a few years she was promoted to the drawing office and became a senior furniture, door and window designer. No mean feat.  During this time Betty studied bookkeeping and computers. She ran the company employees savings bank successfully and profitably.

She is now our full time bookkeeper who together with our Financial Director, Cheryl, keeps that side of the ship in order. Betty is blessed with a large extended family. Her eldest daughter is a graduate of UZ, and her son is in his final year there studying radiography. She has many nieces and nephews and is also, recently, a Grandmother.

Betty is a wonderful part of our management team, and has a no nonsense approach to her job. She is a quiet , serene person who is loved by all. She is also feared by those who do not follow her rules!

We wish our friends and customers a Happy and Safe Easter. God Bless you all.

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