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TEAKLAND: Excited to be back from our Christmas Break

By January 24, 2018No Comments

After the Christmas break we have all arrived back at the factory fresh, raring to go and full of anticipation for the year ahead. We have much work to do as our order book is looking healthy, our clients and suppliers are enthusiastic and we are keen to introduce our beautiful product line to new markets.

The whole country seems to be basking in the warm sunshine of a new beginning. At Teakland there is a sense of renewal, and we are proud to be one of the local businesses which have endured and matured under the harsh economic conditions of the past years. We look forward to new beginnings, growth and the future challenges which we always convert into opportunities. 

Our core business continues as it has done for over 25 years – that is to provide high quality, custom made windows, doors and ancillary products. We aim to deliver these products at a reasonable price and within an efficient timeframe.  A key area in the process of finding the right solution for our clients is the design and consultation phase prior to manufacture, underpinning our personalised service : an aspect of our business on which we have always prided ourselves.

In many ways our business is an old fashioned one. From the beginning of recorded history, carpentry has been one of the earliest crafts that helped propel cultures into progress. It has been an essential part of the human experience for many thousands of years. This is the reason most of us identify with the practical utility, warmth and soul of wood !

If we continue to use our wonderful resources responsibly (sustainably) we will continue to enjoy it, and so will the many generations to follow.

We wish all Zimbabweans a happy, healthy, prosperous and sustainable 2018.

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