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Timberland to Teakland:

By November 15, 2017No Comments

Rebrand, Rename, Same Quality Products

“What’s in a name?” as William Shakespeare so famously said in Romeo and Juliet. Well, there can be a lot really, and that’s why this may well be one of our most significant blogs yet!

Twenty-one years after establishing the company as Timberland, we are rethinking our name. Why? You may ask. There are a number of reasons and, believe us, we’ve thought about and agonised over this decision long and hard.

When we started Timberland we were hardly aware of the existence of the international branded clothing and boot company of the same name, but we learnt about it soon enough. In fact, every time our clients tried to google our name, many were directed to images and content on high-end footwear! There are indeed many companies in the world using the name Timberland in various guises, and apparently a few companies in the sub-region even purport to sell our products, under the same name!

This first became an issue for us when we established our website in 1999. The name was already reserved in various combinations, which is why our website name became Teakland, and not Timberland.

Recently we decided to establish an Instagram account, and found that it was also already reserved by a business all the way in Uruguay!

We have discussed this issue at length and taken advice from various people, but especially our media consultants. The net result is that we have decided to REBRAND ourselves using the name TEAKLAND. This is a very exciting development as it also allows us to keep our website which has a high priority domain ranking.

We are using this rebranding exercise as a relaunch; boosting the business in a positive way and ensuring that it is well prepared for the next 25 years of life. We are excited to have you on our journey as the company gains a new lease of life under the Teakland branding, and can’t wait to see how this new chapter unfolds!

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