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One of Zimbabwes’ greatest assets is its natural beauty. Our tourist sector, which has at times struggled, is starting to rev up and prepare to fulfil its potential in the region, and so it is no coincidence that an increasing proportion of our orders are heading out to game lodges and safari camps around the country.

This week saw the delivery of 12 stunning teak wardrobe cabinets, with another 14 still on order, for the lovely Tanganda  Road Motel near Chiredzi . As is so often the case, the owners of this motel are friends of Timberland who already have some beautiful pieces of teak furniture in their lodges. We recommend the Tanganda to travellers and tourists who are thinking of visiting this area. Not only is it perfectly situated to run game drives into the nearby Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, unrivalled in its beauty and unspoilt nature, but it is also at once both elegant and welcoming, a real home away from home. Incidentally, Tanganda Road Motel is not the only lodge in the area to boast our products  –  other lodges and camps in Malilangwe have also used Timberland in the past, and continue to do so.

Once again making our mark in the tourist sector, this week we also embarked on phase two of an order of windows and doors for a fine lodge in the Eastern Highlands.  Phase one was completed earlier this year.

Supplying game lodges with windows, doors and purpose-made furniture is nothing new to Timberland. Our products lend themselves perfectly to the “natural feel” which owners strive to achieve in their establishments. Furthermore, this is not only within Zimbabwe, we have also established ourselves regionally…a case in point being that earlier this year we delivered a substantial load of furniture to a new and exclusive camp in the Okavango Delta.  It’s lovely to see the industry picking up, and for Timberland to still be able to export competitively.

Watch this space for more information about exciting developments within our tourist industry!

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