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One of the doors in Timberland’s extensive range of custom-made wooden windows and doors is called the Sikumbuzo Door; it carries a mark of the ages in its unique markings and scars and, translated from Ndebele, fitting means “It reminds one of the past.” And what better way, we felt, to launch our latest innovation, our first Timberland blog, than by remembering the past while looking to the future.

Not only have we been doing what we do for over 20 years and, over that time built a solid reputation for high quality products and service, but our roots are in other firms which were involved in the saw-milling sector as far back as the early 1980s. So, you could say, we really know our business, perhaps better than anyone else we know, and it’s that business we intend to share with our readers in our blog. We see this venture as replacing the concept of the old-school in-house magazine, aimed at our customers and friends (quite often the same thing, really!) and writing about a variety of matters of interest, including our incredible and loyal staff, our history, products, a wide range of ecological topics, timber varieties, construction, timber care and whatever else comes to mind and we think you’ll find interesting.

The plan is to regularly update the blog with content and photographs, focusing both on the factory as products roll off the production line, as well as take you to the on-site action where we will walk you through our hands-on approach to supplying doors and windows to exact specifications.

Find us on Face Book – Timberland Zimbabwe – log on to our website,, email us on, or contact us the old fashioned way, on telephone (+263-9)885906/9

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