Most quality timbers treated with reputable finishes, be it paint or oil / wax based products will give many years of dependable service, and in most cases, last for several decades, if not more. There is a significant worldwide industry dedicated to the research, development and production of a wide range of timber caring products. To a large extent, we leave the choice of the final finishing treatment to the client, although we make recommendations. High quality local and imported treatments are available in Zimbabwe.

An internet search and advice from experts, including ourselves, will assist you in selecting the product that will protect and enhance your products and give you the aesthetic finish you desire.

Doors, Windows & Ancillary Products

Teakland Windows & Doors deliver your products to site carefully wrapped in a heavy duty plastic for protection during transport. We discuss and arrange with clients the type of finish they require, and which is most suited to their plans.

We strongly recommend that the plastic wrapping is not removed during installation, as it protects the timber from both the elements and wet cement, paint etc. When building operations are complete, the plastic should be cut away and 3 to 4 coats of an external timber care treatment must be applied. A suitable product with an ultra – violet sunblock is highly recommended. In Southern Africa, we recommend the Woodoc range of products, but we urge you to consult your local wood and timber care specialists or hardware merchants for further advice.