The Customer is the King

A very positive October blog
October 5, 2018
The Aroma of Teak , Mukwa , Pine and Cypress .
January 23, 2019

The Customer is the King

Since our last Blog there have been  more interesting times in our beloved country .  Fuel queues sprang up again and bread and cooking oil were in short supply . The Govt is grappling with reforming our economy –  not an easy task – but we are encouraged by the resolve that seems to be behind the decisions . We hope and expect that good things will flow in due course .

Thankfully , the fuel supply is a little better this week as is the cooking oil situation. Bread is still a little scarce . We remain hopeful . As a young economics graduate told us last week. “ This is a rebalancing of the economy “ and “ an economy is a self healing system” .  Encouraging words .

Having said that – the building and home improvement market ploughs on regardless .

Our business is doing fine – for which we are grateful . We are trying to keep the prices down and revising costings and pricing concepts each day .  We discuss and negotiate with each customer and finding the middle ground is not proving difficult .

Production has been good and all October and November jobs were completed and delivered in time to  many  happy customers .

The end of the year is always a busy time for us as customers try and finish projects ,  small and large  before Christmas .

Please keep calling for quotes , site visits ,  measuring and advice . We are the acknowledged experts

with 30 years of experience . We aim to take exceptional care of our customers .