I hope that this blog finds all of our Customers , friends and suppliers to be well .
We are well and business is , thankfully good . Our customers are pressing on with various projects at in a robust manner . Once again we are dealing with an impressive array of projects . A large housing project , a luxury safari camp , a hotel and various houses . In addition we have the delightful experience of making custom made doors and windows for those who require only a few items to enhance , modify or expand on their present homes .
Furniture is not our main line by any means . Nevertheless we have squeezed some in for some keen customers . See the photies below . Bar stools , restaurant table and Barnsley chairs . Also a Cypress Baby bed for a delightful two year old . By special request from a young Mom . 
Also produced in the last month was a Sliding Sash window which has pulleys and counter weights to provide smooth and effective operation . We doubt that anyone else in Zim can make a window like this !
Keeping our prices as affordable as possible is a primary aim . That in addition to the highest quality product , and speedy delivery times is what our clients expect and get . We are gratified that the RTGS rate has been roughly steady for almost six months now .
The year is steaming by and we are already approaching Easter . Our established Customers know that we have a tradition of “ EASTER SPECIALS “ where we give good discounts .
This year we have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on a range of doors and door frames .For the first 30 Teak Doors and frames , ordered between now and the Easter . Please call for details .
We are often asked how we can be price competitive with other products out in the market especially as 99% of our goods are Custom Made ? A large part of the answer to that is that we sell ,WITHOUT EXCEPTION direct to the end user . There is no middleman or mark up between our Customer and ourselves . We even do the deliveries FREE OF CHARGE to Harare , Bulawayo , Gweru , Kwekwe , Kadoma and Marondellas .
Good wishes to everybody and we offer prayers for the victims of the terrible cyclone .

March 20, 2019

March 2019

I hope that this blog finds all of our Customers , friends and suppliers to be well . We are well and business is , thankfully […]
June 15, 2017

Indigenous Family

No Workers, Only managers. Each a visual beauty and own individual signatures.
June 15, 2017

Wood Work

Each employee and each piece of wood worked on are treated equally, with the same care devotion and attention as you would give to a new […]