Promotional Golden Oldies

Historical Windows and Doors from Bulawayo
July 4, 2019
December 2019
December 5, 2019

Promotional Golden Oldies

September 2019  Blog .


Greetings to all of our Customers  , Suppliers and Friends .  We hope you are all fine.

We like to look for the positives in life and indeed there are many that we can report .

Two months ago we would not have believed that in early September we could report that bread , sugar , cooking oil and fuel would be freely available .  And indeed that is the situation today . Good news indeed !

In addition we are thrilled to report that thanks to great support from Zesa our factory has minimal power outages .  We have continued to produce with very little disruption .  And thank you , Bulawayo City Council for uninterrupted supplies of clean , drinkable water at our factory . This in spite of an unfortunate , almost record , drought .   We count our Blessings .

Business for us has also , thankfully , continued in a strong vein .  The last four months of the year  are usually our busiest time and all indications are that we are on track to improve on 2018 – which was itself the best we have had in several years .

We specialise in Custom Made Timber Windows and Doors .  99% of our products are specifically made to  sizes and designs from “ one off” drawings  originated  by  our Customers . This is the pinnacle of Architectural Carpentry and we have been honing our skills in this for almost three decades .

Our wonderful workforce  is dedicated , skilled , experienced  and  with high morale . An unbeatable combination !  Salute Guys !!!!!

We have dug up some promotional material from some years ago , photographed it and it appears below .  Some of this goes back 20 years and we are proud to look back at  these products and projects .

Please do not hesitate to call us for a quote or a chat . We are based in Bulawayo but are in Harare almost every week , delivering product , measuring , advising , quoting and visiting .

We deliver throughout Zimbabwe and to Harare and towns en route we do not charge for this . Delivering ourselves keeps the finished products well looked after .

The last school term is about to begin . The year has rushed by . We are praying  for some good rain .

Take care and God Bless .