PINE – of the “Pinus” family of trees in Zimbabwe

Timberland Windows & Doors has been manufacturing high quality, standard and purpose- made Pine products since 1993. Between 1993 and 1998, great quantities were exported to South Africa and other regional countries.

Zimbabwean Pine, grown in our Eastern Highland areas, is an excellent timber, structurally strong, stable and durable. It is naturally resistant to local wood borers, and if treated correctly, to other pests.

As with any timber which we utilize, Timberland specializes in high quality, purpose made windows, doors, frames, sliding doors, sidelights and other ancillary products to customer design and specification. Painted Pine is much in demand in line with current fashion trends in Europe and America. Whilst “White Painted” is most popular, any colour is available to your liking, such as various shades of green to suit French Provencal homes, or beautiful blues following the Mediterranean trend. We have also manufactured projects in “Black Painted” pine.