March 2, 2020
September 10, 2020

Greeting to all of our Customers and friends .

This bog is written on Monday 18th of  May . We are able to begin manufacturing  today . Everyone here is so happy .

During  the “ Lockdown “ period we were able to do the important work of quoting , doing shop drawings and marketing communication . This our team was able to do mainly working from home .

Happily there were  many inquiries and several confirmed orders over the past 6 weeks .  Life goes on. J

Another important aspect of our business is site visiting for consultation and measuring purposes. This , obviously we have not been able to do  , but we are already moving on that .

A silver lining to the ‘Lockdown “ for us is that so many people sitting at home – used the time to research and imagine the windows and doors needed for their dream project .  We love the commitment that the people  here and abroad have for  building fine homes .

Zimbabweans somehow insist on pressing on with their lives in a positive way .

In addition – we have many inquiries and orders now from the tourist industry . Instead of bemoaning the shortage of tourists – these brave souls are using this opportunity to refurbish and even build  new facilities . Congratulations Guys . Well done ! Amhlope . Makorokoto.

During  the “ quiet  time” we managed  to kiln dry extra timber for the rush of manufacturing we now need to do . The kiln drying of timber is a key element  to  quality carpentry  work . This cannot be rushed .  Four to six weeks weeks in the kiln is perfect . So we managed to build up a useful  cushion of stock.

Zimbabwe is a young country . We have the youth and energy to overcome our challenges and to make a good future for ourselves , our children and grand children .

We wish all of you a great 2020 at this – the second re boot of our year . Happy new year # 2 .