December 2019

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September 4, 2019
March 2, 2020

December 2019

We are Sending Christmas Greetings to all of our Customers , Suppliers and Friends .

This has been an interesting year for all Zimbabweans .  For us at Timberland it has been a good year.

In spite of the relatively difficult times our company has endured  and thrived .  This is thanks to a loyal and happy client base who always seems to be prepared to reach into their pockets and purchase our products . We are very grateful for the support .

We humbly take that as a testament to the fine products we make , the service we provide and the enduring demand for high quality custom made windows and doors we manufacture .

We close down for a traditional Christmas Break on the 20th December . All of us are looking forward to that .  Due to orders on hand we will be back early in January to do our tasks .

We receive a lot of support from the Diaspora as well as locally resident customers . Traditionally for us we receive requests  from people returning home for Christmas from all over the world . We Zimbabweans are scattered far and wide .

It is always a great pleasure to see how happy they are to be in their home country with their loved ones again .

We always reserve a few cubic metres of kiln dried timber and a space in our production schedule for those last minute requests for a window or a door for our “ returnees .”  . Very often we can get a request , have a drawing approved and complete manufacture in only a few days if this is what is required .

If you have a special last minute request – give us a call and we will endeavor to meet the product and timing requirement .

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year .