Timberland Windows & Doors is a Zimbabwean company based in Bulawayo, near the vast forestry reserves from which sustainable harvesting provides much of our timber resources.

This custom joinery firm has its roots in the hardwood conversion business. Over the years, the business entity has evolved from sawmilling and kiln–drying in 1985, through to the present where it is now a veteran window and door manufacturer. We have a compliment of 40 employees, with an impressive record of continuity. Senior and junior management have worked, learned and adapted together for many years. The factory still retains its own sawmill and kiln-drying facilities, as this hands-on control enables us to select the best available grades of timber for the manufacturing process.

Almost all of our products are custom made – that is a specifically manufactured “one-off” product to client’s specification. Working either from sketches, architectural drawings, photos or from measuring ourselves on site, we produce our own technical drawings for the client’s approval. Most often a few revising drafts are done before the final version is approved. The product is then manufactured exactly to this approved drawing. It is our ability to bring a client’s ideas through the process of advising, producing an approved drawing, and quickly and efficiently manufacturing a unique, beautiful and durable product, that enables us to thrive in business.

This long standing company and its products are known throughout the sub-continent, and our name is synonymous with excellent quality products and service. Prior to the collapse of the South African rand and the adoption by Zimbabwe of the strong US dollar, more than half of our production was exported regionally. Timberland Windows & Doors has strong support in the Zimbabwean market, and still enjoys a small and valuable export turnover.